5 Yoga Poses to do After Flying

Yoga poses to do after flying

There’s a whole world of WONDERFUL yoga poses to do after flying – we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite 5 in this week’s post.

One of my yoga teachers told me that immediately after leaving a plane she would drop into Child’s Pose and breathe deeply there for a few minutes. Wow, I thought, I wish I was brave enough to do yoga in an airport! So the next time we had a connecting flight, I hid behind my daughter’s pushchair (I know, not very brave) and did 10 minutes of yoga. As well as feeling amazing on my stiff-as-a-board bod, it prepared me splendidly for the next 6-hour flight.

I’ve since been practising yoga between and after every flight – here are my top 5 yoga poses to do after flying!!

Yoga poses to do after flying

Child’s Pose

We’ll start with the best. This is, without a doubt, one of the most fabulous yoga poses to do after flying.

Child’s Pose obviously requires a clean surface – your jacket will be sufficient! Child’s Pose can help to reduce anxiety and make you feel grounded after all that time spent up in the air. Take deep breaths here and stay for as long as you want – or until someone asks you to move.

Bound Angle Pose

Bound Angle Pose can help to reduce fatigue and anxiety – something that many of us suffer with before, during and after flying! It’s also a lovely stretch for the inner thighs and knees. Which likely didn’t change position during all that time spent in your tiny chair (we’re talking to you, fellow economy flyers).

Wide Forward Fold

Wide-Legged Forward Fold can relieve neck tension, backache, and stress, amongst lots of other things! Clasp your hands behind your back and gently bringing them above your head. This will help to release shoulder tightness and open the chest.

Pyramid Pose

Pyramid Pose – I struggle to write the name of this pose without dropping into it. It just feels so good on tight hamstrings. Hamstrings that will be especially tight after flying!

Corkscrew Pose

Corkscrew is another feel-good pose with elements of stretching, twisting, and releasing. It has everything. Your hips, quads, lower back, and shoulders will thank you!

Last but not least, don’t feel silly. You will never see any of the people in the airport ever again. Plus there’s no embarrassment to be had in taking care of your body! These poses are especially great when practised between connecting flights. But really you can practise them at any time when you’re feeling the post-flight effects.

Here’s our favourite travel yoga mat from Decathlon – it folds up small enough to fit in your carry-on!

And whilst we’re still mostly practising yoga from the comfort of our own homes, why not have a read of our blog post all about the importance of practising yoga during confinement.

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